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If You Can't Find One, Build One

Stop house hunting and start the house building process

If you're tired of looking at and living in homes that don't meet your expectations, you've come to the right website. Next Generation Homes LLC helps residents in the Grand Junction, CO area turn their dream homes into reality. Whether you want a say in every last detail of your home or you simply want to put a stunning house on your land, we can help.

3 reasons to choose a custom homebuilder

Are you trying to decide between buying a used home, a newly constructed cookie-cutter home and a custom home? Just remember, when you choose custom home construction, you'll get...


The look and style you want.

Why remodel an older home when you can get one that suits your style perfectly?


The space your family needs.

No need to add on later-we'll build the house you want from the ground up.


The comfort you crave.

Enjoy the perfect layout, the right number of rooms and all the features you love.

Custom home builds just make more sense. Don't you agree?

Take home customization a step further

Don't stop with custom home construction. Make sure your home is always attuned to your needs by asking Next Generation Homes to install smart home features throughout your new residence. This can mean using a:

  • Custom, app-controlled sound system
  • Mobile security system and door camera
  • Nest-controlled thermostat and HVAC system

Call 970-210-0817 now to talk to a homebuilder about making your spec home more comfortable with smart home features.

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